Why Use A Bail Bond To Give Someone Early Release From Jail

If someone you know has ended up in jail, you may have received a phone call asking to help them get out by posting bail. The dilemma of figuring out what to do can be pretty tough, which is why it helps to know some reasons to use a bail bond to assist your friend or family member in this tough time.

Posting Bail Means They'll Spend Fewer Days In Jail

The most obvious reason to help is to get the person out of jail early. It may be a long time until their date in court finally comes up, and all that time will be spent in jail if they cannot post bail. You can actually get someone out of jail the same day they are arrested, so you can limit their stay to hours rather than days.

Posting Bail Results In Less Embarrassment

Being in jail is never something to be proud of, and the experience of being in jail can be quite embarrassing. The more days someone is in jail, the more likely it will be that others find out about it. You can help the person return to to living their life, which includes helping raise kids or other responsibilities that they have.

Posting Bail Avoids Work Disruptions

If the person in jail has a job, chances are that their employment will be seriously disrupted by being arrested. Not only are those days in jail days where they won't be making money, but it could end up costing them their job if they are in jail for a long time. The premium paid on the bail bond will likely be less than whatever the person would make by going back to their job, so do not let the cost of getting one deter you. The lost wages will end up costing more money in the long run.

Posting Bail Can Help Build A Good Defense

Getting freed from jail on bail isn't just about having freedom, it's also about having the ability to help build your case for your court date. The person will have more flexibility to find a lawyer and work with them to gather the evidence they need to defend themselves in court.

Have questions about using a bail bond? Reach out to a local bonds company like HB Bail Bonds for assistance. They can answer all the questions you may have about the bail bond process.